How to renovate your home in Glencoe

How to make your home more energy efficient and energy efficient?That’s what a new project in Glenfield, Ontario is aiming to accomplish.The project is called ‘Energy Saving Glencoe’.The Glenfield-based company, which has an office in Toronto, is selling a ‘smart’ system for homeowners to install in their homes to help them reduce their energy use.‘The […]


How to build your own house

When I was a kid, my dad made us go to a haunted house.It was like an old-fashioned haunted house, except it was not haunted.He told us we should go and explore the haunted house with him, because we would never know the truth.I’m not kidding.The house is still haunted.It’s a haunted place, but not […]


How to buy and renovate a home

Homeowners looking to make the most of their new digs may want to look into renovating their existing property first.Here are some common issues to watch out for, and how to deal with them.The main issue with home renovations is not only the cost of the home, but also the amount of time that needs […]