Baltimore home renovation could be done by 2020

Baltimore — The city’s newest and biggest renovation project could begin as soon as 2020, a new report says.

Baltimore Housing and Economic Development Commissioner Richard Kornacki says he is confident that the city can begin the process of replacing the city’s aging homes as early as 2019.

Kornackis report also cites the potential for some construction to begin in the next year or two.

He said that while it may not happen in the city at that time, “we could have a very significant impact on Baltimore in the years ahead.”

The report notes that there are several existing neighborhoods in the Baltimore area that are considered vacant.

In those areas, the city is also looking to redevelop the neighborhoods into affordable housing, Kornacks report states.

A recent analysis by the city found that nearly 2,000 vacant houses were vacant in Baltimore during the first six months of this year.

Some of the homes that were demolished include those on East Baltimore Street and South Pratt Street.

The city has spent $25 million to demolish more than 1,500 vacant homes since January 2017.

Other vacant homes include those along the Baltimore River, in the Inner Harbor, along the city-owned portion of the Howard County Boardwalk, along Maryland Street and the riverfront in the northern part of the city.

Most of those properties are owned by the Baltimore Housing Development Corporation (BHDC).

Baltimore has also taken a number of steps to address the issue of vacant housing.

Since January 2017, the BHDC has created a pilot program to allow people to buy vacant homes.

According to the Bhdc, the pilot program has led to nearly 100,000 homes being sold in the program.

But the number of properties that have been purchased by people in the pilot has remained static, at about 1,000.

BHDCs pilot program, however, has been extended through the end of the year, Kromacki said.

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