Ottawa homeowner wins court battle over home renovations

An Ottawa homeowner who has been battling to overturn a court order to install home renovations on his property has won his battle.

The ruling from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice was delivered Thursday in the case of John A. MacLean, who has lived on the land for years but did not have a formal mortgage.

MacLean argued the order was invalid because it allowed the company, Cushman & Marsh, to charge for the work.

Maclean’s lawyer, Brian Leclair, said the company’s practices were “a direct breach of a contract” and said it had been in breach of the provincial mortgage insurance scheme.

He said the work was to fix a water leak on the home that was “not covered under the mortgage.”

MacLean also argued the work did not require any approval from the city and that he was in breach because he was not a resident of the city when the work began.

The court disagreed, ruling the work could not be done without approval from city officials.

MacLeod’s case has become a flashpoint for the federal government and the province over whether the rules should apply to new home renovations.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson says the ruling sends a strong message to builders that they cannot operate without the city’s approval.

He says there is no doubt that the city needs to regulate how new projects are undertaken.

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