Which cities are best for renos home improvements?

Renovas Home Improvements is a well-known online reno builder, but they also offer home renovation at locations throughout the country. 

Their latest renovation package includes renovation at the Newport Beach mansion of billionaire investor Robert Mercer, who bought the mansion in 2012 for $1.6 million. 

Renovas renovation includes renovating the pool, kitchen, bathroom, and garage as well as a new patio.

The package also includes an optional remodel of the kitchen, which includes new appliances and a new granite countertop.

The Renova Home Improvements website lists the Newport House as one of the top 5 home remodels in the country, with the property listing as a “touristy home” with the following amenities: The home boasts a large outdoor pool, an enclosed patio with a large fireplace and a private terrace, and a two-car garage with a walk-in garage. 

The Newport Beach Mansion also features a new marble countertop and an outdoor terrace. 

A recent renovation of the Newport Pavilion home also included renovations of the pool and patio. 

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