Renova Home Improvement says it will be adding new flooring to its Milwaukee store

Renova is the latest company to announce plans to renovate or remodel its Milwaukee-area stores, which are often the site of the company’s busiest shopping days. 

The Milwaukee-based company said Monday it will add new floor covering for its two stores, and will also start installing new floor-to-ceiling glass walls for its main outlet at its Milwaukee location.

The renovations will add about 2,000 square feet to the space, Renova spokesman Scott Taylor said. 

He said the company expects to add new furniture, as well as new floor treatments. 

“It’s not like we’re just adding the floor,” Taylor said of the new floor.

“We’ve added the flooring. 

We’ve had to take a lot of time, and we’ve taken a lot to get it right.”

The Milwaukee store has become a destination for shopping with its high-end stores, where shoppers typically come to get their hands on items like expensive Chanel watches, Chanel bags, Chanels purses and other high-priced items.

“It really was an amazing opportunity to come in and try and capitalize on the tremendous demand that was coming into Milwaukee,” Taylor told CNN affiliate WISN-TV.

“It was a challenge to figure out where to put the new glass in the walls, but we’re excited to get started on it.”

In addition to adding new floors to its stores, the company said it will begin installing new glass for its outlet at a store near the mall.

The company said the store will open by July 1. 

Renova also has plans to expand its Milwaukee retail space.

The Milwaukee stores opened in 2009, but its location has been a struggle since then.

The Wisconsin retail industry has been plagued by closures and store closings as stores have struggled to keep up with the rising cost of living.

The company said in a statement Monday that the stores are closing because they cannot keep up the pace of customer growth. 

According to the company, the Milwaukee store was the only store in the United States that was able to open after being shuttered for more than a decade.

“We’re going to have to go back to the drawing board,” Taylor added.