‘Frightening’ and ‘disconcerting’ photos show homeless men sleeping in public, police say

A homeless man is being questioned after police said he was sleeping in a park, and was allegedly trying to break into the city’s police headquarters, and possibly stealing a police vehicle.

The man is in custody.

The homeless man was also reportedly trying to steal a police car, police said.

A homeless woman is being interviewed.

A photo posted by the police service shows a homeless man sleeping in the street near a building in a residential neighbourhood of Montreal.

The photograph was taken last month and was later posted on social media.

On Friday, a man wearing a mask, holding a stick and a bag over his head, was seen sleeping in an alleyway in the Montreal suburb of Ville-Marie, police tweeted.

A man was seen walking along the sidewalk near a police station and walking around a small section of the building.

A woman was seen on a balcony with a bag on her head.

The suspect is described as a man between the ages of 25 and 30.

A second man was spotted sleeping in another section of Villes-Marie.

It was not clear how the homeless man got into the police headquarters.

A statement from the city said the man was apprehended after he broke into the building on March 6.

Police said the officers were able to break him out of the apartment by taking him to a nearby hospital.

Montreal police Const.

Jean-Pierre Bourdon said police were called to a building on a residential street on March 7 around 1:30 a.m.

The building was empty when officers arrived.

They found the man, who was wearing a face mask and gloves, in the building, he said.

Bourdon declined to say what the man’s motive was for breaking into the place.

The officers were not immediately able to find the man who was sleeping there.

The police service has since released photos of two men seen sleeping on a patio in a neighbourhood on March 8.

The two men, who were not identified, appeared to be homeless.

They wore masks and hoodies, Bourdon added.

They had been seen sleeping next to each other in the neighbourhood, he told CBC News.

The men are not currently being charged, he added.

Police say the man in the photograph is the same person who was seen in another photo sleeping on the sidewalk in Villes Marie, as well as at the police station a day earlier.

A post on social network Twitter shows a group of people sleeping in Ville Marie.

A police officer has been arrested after a man was sleeping on an alley in Vennes-Marie after police received a tip that he might be stealing a car.

Police have released photos and descriptions of two homeless men seen in a Villes parish on March 11.

The pictures were taken from an alley near a bus stop, police wrote on Facebook.

The person in the photo appears to be between the age of 25 to 30 years old, wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a black hat.

It is not clear if he has a criminal record.

Montreal Police say they received a report on March 9 that a homeless person was sleeping rough in a street on a private property in Vues-Mont-Royal.

They posted a photo of a man sleeping on their private property, where a police officer was sleeping.

They also posted another photo on their Facebook page showing a group sleeping on private property on March 12.

Montreal has been hit hard by homelessness over the past year, with about 60,000 people sleeping on public spaces in 2016, according to Statistics Canada.