This $1,300 ranch house is about to get an upgrade

In a few weeks, this $1.9 million, five-bedroom ranch home in the Los Angeles suburb of Garden Grove will get a new roof and windows and will be transformed into a modern home with a fully restored kitchen, bath, living room and living room dining area.

The house will also get new walls, new carpeting, a new fireplace, a stainless steel patio, and a new master bathroom with a new stainless steel shower and a custom-made shower stall.

The entire structure will be updated with a brand-new roof and new windows and walls.

The home was originally purchased in 2008 for $1 million.

The renovation is expected to be complete by the end of the year, according to the home’s listing.

The interior of the house, designed by architect David M. Smith, includes new flooring, new fixtures, a custom bathroom with custom tubs, a brand new kitchen, new bathtub, a marble countertop, and new appliances.

The living room, built with custom wood cabinets, will feature a custom wood wall with a custom built door that will open to a fully-functioning living room with a granite countertop.

A brand-name dining table and a dining table-mounted vanity will also be added.

The exterior will also receive new wood flooring and new paint jobs.

The remodeled house is expected for completion in 2018.