When you’re ready for some serious money in tow, the world’s first car-free apartment building will open in New York City

When you think of car-friendly housing, you probably think of high-end, luxury apartments.

But what if you could live in a tiny apartment with no car?

The new car-less apartment building in Queens will be the first of its kind in the U.S. and it’ll be located in Brooklyn, where there are currently about 40 cars per 100 people.

It’s a perfect place to live if you want a car-first lifestyle, said John Linn, founder of Linn Architecture, which designed the building.

“The cars will still be there, but they’ll be less than 10 percent of the apartment, because the building will not have a garage,” he said.

“It’s going to be a car free space.”

The Linn-designed building will have an elevator, rooftop garden, walkway, laundry rooms, a swimming pool, gym and fitness center, a roof deck, and rooftop terrace.

Linn hopes to open in early 2020, and he estimates the building’s occupancy rate to be 50 percent.

The building is currently owned by the Queens County Department of Health and Hospitals.

Lottos architects also designed a $2 million project in the Bronx that opened in 2014.

In the Bronx, the buildings of the Linn Architects family have been used for many other projects, including a new apartment building at a former factory site and the former St. Luke’s Hospital.

In 2016, Linn’s group designed the first home for a homeless person in New Jersey, and it was designed to resemble a tiny house.

Littles apartments are currently rare, but Linn said the Littler project could provide a model for future affordable housing projects.

“If you can build a home with zero parking and no garage, it will become more and more affordable,” Linn told the New York Times.

“We want to build homes that can be bought off the street and not have to be rented out.”

Linn plans to open the Lotto apartment building by early 2021.

He said the project will include the ability to rent out the building to residents.

Linton said the building is a combination of two things.

One, the Linton-designed apartment will have three bedrooms, a shared kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, and a private living area.

“These are all spaces that you could actually live in with minimal disruption to the neighborhood,” he told The New York Daily News.

“There will be no traffic or garbage, there will be a quiet, peaceful, and clean neighborhood.

This is the kind of place that will attract new families.”

Lottoes building will be about 30 minutes from the City Hall Plaza, a public space that is popular with New Yorkers.

“I think it will be an opportunity for the community to really see how our neighborhood is changing and how we’re living and living with each other,” Lottes said.

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