Netflix CEO says Netflix won’t renew ‘Star Wars’ movie deal

The CEO of Netflix, Roy Price, has told the Wall Street Journal that he has no plans to renew the deal that the streaming company signed with Lucasfilm.

In an interview with the Journal, Price said he did not believe Netflix’s deal with LucasFilm would be renewed after the release of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” in December, as the studio had already signed a new deal with Disney for a second season of the original Star Wars franchise.

But the CEO said he had no intention of extending the deal, saying that he did believe Netflix would continue to have exclusive content, including original movies, on the service.

“I’ve made it clear, I don’t have any plans at this point,” Price told the Journal.

“Star Wars” is a Disney property and the movie’s creators, George Lucas and Mark Hamill, will make their film debut in theaters on December 15.

The movie was first released in 1977.