Which home renovators have you remodeled?

New York-based Home Renovators Inc. recently launched a series of “Renovated Craftsman Homes” for home owners.

These home renovation projects are designed to keep their homeowners happy and keep their investment in their home from going sour.

The program launched on May 1 and has so far raised $2 million for the homes’ renovation costs.

Home Renovator has received some of the highest ratings in the market, according to the National Association of Home Builders.

Its website boasts “100% of the homes are up to code.”

It also has a very favorable reputation among homebuyers.

It says it has helped more than 7,400 homeowners since its inception in 2010.

The company says it will spend $200,000 on a “Renovation Guide” to help homebuyer learn how to get the most out of their renovation projects.

For its part, Home RenOVators is currently in talks with builders to help them create their own custom home renovation guide.

The project is being billed as a pilot project, but Home Renovation has already received a $1 million investment from a California-based builder.

Home Renovo has not released any specifics about how the homes will be constructed.

For now, the project is limited to homeowners in New York and Massachusetts.

It has no plans to expand the program nationwide.

Home renovations, which include interior renovations, are a great way to keep your home clean and in good shape, says Home Renova’s co-founder, Jessica Haggerty.

“The goal is to provide a high quality home that will last a lifetime.”

The home renovation program has attracted attention from both the press and the home renovation community.

“It’s a great project, because it’s really about getting a home to be a great home,” says homeowner and real estate investor Rob Breslin, who owns several homes.

“I think it’s a really great initiative.”