Why are some homes being renovated?

Polygon has been tracking the process of house renovations and we’ve been seeing some fascinating stories.

One of our favorites is a recent one in Edina, Minnesota, where a developer is using a custom robot to do housework for a homeowner.

The house is being renovated and the house is home to a baby.

The builder uses a custom built robotic arm to do some housework.

The project is called House-Up.

The video below explains how it works.

The home is being upgraded to house the toddler’s room and the builder uses the robotic arm, called “Mastro,” to perform some house work.

The robotic arm can also be used to help remove debris from the house.

The robot arm is also able to take photos and videos of the home.

A similar project in Denver, Colorado, also uses a robotic arm for housework, but this one involves a robot instead of a house.

In this case, the builder installs the robot at a home improvement store.

The builder uses his custom robot arm to perform the house work and to remove debris and replace glass and tile from the home while the house itself is being remodeled.

The home is undergoing a major renovation and the robot arm can help to accomplish that.

The homeowner has to install new carpets and the home is getting new paint.

The developer can then use the robotic arms to help install a new deck, ceiling tiles, carpet, new kitchen and a new shower.

The entire process is much less complicated and cheaper than it may sound.

The house is currently being renovated to house a child and the contractor can use a robot arm for the same purpose.

The baby has already been moved to the home and the baby’s room has been moved and a bedding rack is installed.

The contractor can also install a bathtub, shower and a shower curtain.

This project can be completed in as little as four weeks.

Another house renovation in Edna, Minnesota involves the robot that is used for house cleaning.

The homeowner installs a new bathtub and shower curtain and also installs a shower, a new sink and a dryer.

The work is completed in a day.

The robots arm can assist with all the other house maintenance tasks.

The video below shows the house in the summer and how the home was renovated by the robotic robot.

It’s amazing what a robot can do for a home.

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