How to find affordable home renovation in Tampa, Florida

The Tampa Bay area has a long tradition of affordable home remodeling, including the famous “Miller House” in the city’s East End.

Now, there’s another option for Tampa residents.

It’s called HomeRescue Tampa, and it’s a group of people with expertise in home renovations and property preservation who are looking to help homeowners get their home back to its former glory.

“We’ve got a group that specializes in restoration, and they’re also professionals in repairing old homes and renovating them,” said Jim Allen, owner of Allen & Associates.

Allen & Associates specializes in building and maintaining historic homes, and he’s been doing that for over 30 years.

It was a hobby when he was in his 20s, but it’s grown into a full-time business, he said.

“I love the thrill of fixing old houses, because it means you’re doing something for a living,” he said, adding that he’s done about 40 homes in the past 30 years and the average price of a home in Tampa is $600,000.

Allen says he’s not alone.

His clients include people who own condos, small businesses, churches, nursing homes, day care centers, and even an entire building on their property.

The group has been helping homeowners in the Tampa Bay region for about a decade, he told CNN.

“When you’ve got somebody that’s going to have a passion for this, that’s not just a hobby, it’s part of their life,” Allen said.

“They’re putting in the hours to do it, and I’m not complaining.”

Allen says a lot of the work takes time, but he has a plan for it.

“We’ve always done it the same way, and that’s to build a home that’s worth living in,” he explained.

Allen’s group is called HomeRecreation Tampa, but his clients aren’t just restoring homes, he explained, they also are working on restoring buildings.

He says the group is working on renovating about 20 buildings in the area, including his own.

“If we can find a buyer who is interested in buying a home and wants to do something with it, then we can put it in a private collection, and we can have the property restored,” he added.

“But we can’t be a real estate agent for the person that’s interested in it.”

Allen & Allen has a huge backlog of work on its backlog of historic homes.

And when he’s in the mood for a change, he’s willing to put his own money toward the task.

“When we get our hands on a home, we don’t need to be doing anything else,” he explains.

“There’s a lot we can do.”

Allen, who is also the owner of a company called A Beautiful Home, says his group can be the “biggest buyer” of an old home in the world.

“That’s a really unique position,” he says.

“It’s like a big diamond in the rough.

It doesn’t have to be that expensive, but you can get a great deal.”