The fox home renovation of the week

A fox home, a new addition to a house, and a few new toys are just some of the new furnishings the family is adding to their house.

News 13 News has the full story on Fox home renovations.

News 11 News spoke with the owners of the house, who said they had already purchased a lot of furniture and appliances.

The owners said the remodeling of the home was completed in May.

It includes installing a new refrigerator, new bedding, and replacing the entire wall of the kitchen with a new design.

They said the renovations also included a new bedroom, a bathroom, and new flooring.

“We wanted to add more space, so we went ahead and bought a lot more furniture,” the owner said.

The house is located on the property of a family that owns several other properties, including a house that is on the market.

They are renovating a lot, but the family has yet to make a decision on where they will live.

“I have a few ideas on what I would like to do with the house,” the family said.

“But that’s something I haven’t thought about for quite some time.”

The family said the home is on a budget and has a lot to offer the family.

The owner said the house was purchased to make it more convenient for the family and guests.

They have plans to renovate the home in the future.

News 12 News spoke to the owners about the remodel.

The family did not give an estimate on how much they would be spending on the renovations.

The renovations will be completed by the end of the month.

The home will be on the Market St. lot for the foreseeable future.