When does home renovation start and when can you do it?

Mckinneys house is on the market and the city is offering a $600,000 mortgage to help the homeowners secure it.

The home is one of many in the community that have been vacant for decades.

The homeowner who bought the home, Lisa Siegel, says the home was purchased in 2005 and has been in her family for generations.

She’s trying to sell it and wants a little help from the city to make the process go faster.

Her family has been dealing with the blight for decades, and it’s only recently that the city started paying for repairs to the house.

Siegel says the repairs are the only thing she and her husband are worried about.

We’ve been in a house that has been abandoned for 20 years, and now we’re getting a mortgage that’s going to allow us to buy this house and put it on the lot.

But we’re still waiting on some sort of grant that would allow us, hopefully, to move forward with the project.

So what’s the process like?

Siegel says her husband and daughter, now 8 and 10, have to get their insurance up to date.

The couple is paying the full $600 to make sure they’re insured.

The rest of the money comes from their own pockets.

The city is providing a grant of up to $1 million to help pay for the repairs.

So far, the city has already provided $300,000.

They hope to raise the money by the end of this week.

Siegel has been renting the house for about a year and a half and has spent nearly all of that time living in the house, which has been left unoccupied since 2005.

She says the neighborhood is a little quiet, and she and the family are excited to move into the house and start to enjoy the house again.