Dallas Home Renovations: $60,000 Home Renovation Costs, $60K Home Restoration Costs

Bradsenton, Texas — (AP) Home renovation costs in Dallas were more than double the cost of similar home repairs in the Dallas area in 2016, according to a new report from the Associated Press.

The Dallas Homerenovation Institute said Wednesday that home renovations cost $60 million in 2016 — more than the total for the entire city of Dallas, the second-highest amount in the nation.

It is the most expensive amount of renovation work in the state of Texas.

“It’s a huge amount of money,” said Julie Wark, the institute’s president.

The report does not identify the home owners or their owners’ agents.

It shows that Dallas has the highest number of home renovations in the country.

Homeowners can expect to spend about $60 to $80,000 to renovate a single-family home, according the report.

That compares with $43 to $52,000 for comparable repairs in San Antonio, $56 to $61,000 in San Jose, Calif., and $60-75,000 nationwide.

In other Texas cities, such as San Antonio and Dallas, home owners are able to take advantage of home improvement projects through private financing.

In Dallas, it is a citywide program.

A Dallas home renovation guide is available on the Dallas HomeRenovations website.

The institute is working with a local community development agency to bring this project to fruition.

In the Austin area, the HomeRenovation Institute has been working with the Austin Chamber of Commerce and the Austin Community Foundation.

In addition, the Austin Chronicle reported Wednesday that Austin’s mayor is asking for help with home renovations for a city-wide program to help with costs.

While Dallas is a big market for home remodeling, other cities, including New York and New Orleans, are making progress in the area, Wark said.

In the New York area, about half of all new home sales are to renters.

That is the second highest rate in the United States after Chicago, which has about 90 percent of new home purchases being for renters.

Wark said it is important to remember that home remodels are not just for renters and home owners.

It also can be used for the elderly and disabled.

Home repairs can also be used to build a safe and comfortable home for the community, she said.

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