How to Split a Home’s Rental Value

When you buy a home, you’re essentially buying the house, and the value is determined by the amount of property you own.

To find out how much the home’s value is going to change when you move in, we asked experts from a wide range of companies and analyzed the data.

The infographic below contains a breakdown of the 10 companies that analyzed how much their home’s rental value would change if they split the property up into smaller units.

Here are some of the findings:1.

The Average Home Owner is Worth More than $1.3 Million in Real Estate Investment ValueSource: Zillow2.

The average home owner is worth more than $2.4 million in real estate investment value3.

The home owners in our sample had a median annual income of $82,000, with an average monthly rent of $1,250.5.

The median monthly income of the sample owner was $86,000.6.

The typical home owner lived in a median-priced neighborhood in the Chicago area, with a median home value of $7,0007.

The homeowners in our data had median household incomes of $67,000 and median rent of around $1 a month.8.

The homeowner in our home sample had an average income of less than $60,000 a year.

The household income of this homeowner was $68,0009.

The owner in our study had a $1-million annual salary and a median income of under $50,000 annually.

The homes in the sample rented for less than 30 days per year10.

The largest home owners were from the Northeast, with homes in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Rhode Island being the most valuable.

The infographic above provides a breakdown by type of home you live in.

The top 10 largest homes in terms of value are:1) 2-bedroom, 2,900 sq. ft. two-bathroom house with a three-car garage2) 2,800 sq. foot two-bedroom two-and-a-half bath house with 2,300 sq. feet of outdoor living space3) 2 bedroom, 2.5-bath home with a one-car garage4) 2.6-bath two-story home with 2.2 acres of garden and 3,000 sq. acres of open space5) 3-bedroom 2,400 sq.ft two-floor home with 4,000 square feet of open outdoor space6) 2+ bedroom, 1,600 sq.

Ft. three-bedroom home with 1,000sq.

acres and an outdoor kitchen.

The most valuable homes are in the northeast, with houses in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in the top 10.

The value of homes in these areas are the most affordable in the country, with median rent and median income in the region in the same range as the price of the median home in Chicago.