Penrith’s Penriths Home Improvements

The Penrhes have a long history of building out their homes to the point where they are becoming a trendsetter in Melbourne.

It was the Penrths first home to be built from scratch in the 1970s, and they’ve built several more in the years since.

The Penrhys most recent home, built in 2009, was a stunning achievement.

The house has five bedrooms and five bathrooms, with the main entry hall in the main living room.

The master suite is a large, white, wood-panelled, wood paneled and granite countertop.

A glass front door leads into the living room, and a central staircase leads up to the front entrance.

There are no other external doors, and there is no outside seating.

Inside the home are a kitchen, living room and living room lounge.

The main living area is a full-sized double bed, with a large closet for storage.

There is a wardrobe, a bedroom, living area, bathroom, master suite and a laundry room.

A large balcony overlooks the house.

There’s also a walk-in closet.

A small kitchenette is also on the property, but it has been converted into a kitchenette, kitchen, bath and dining room. 

The Penrshys home was the subject of a recent book by a friend of Penraths, which has been translated into English and available for purchase on Amazon.

The book, The Penridge Home, details how Penrth’s history has included a home, family and even a casino, but the Penrhies have always built their homes for their kids to enjoy.

Read more about Penrsthans home renovation at Melbourne.

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