Home renovation fails to meet $3.6m deadline

A home renovation project in Melbourne’s east has been given a final budget of $3,621,813 but the final cost of the project has not been released.

Key points:The $3 million project has been handed over to the Melbourne Building Authority (MBA) for approvalThe project is the third in the CBD for the MBAThe cost has been released after the MCA refused to release it for review last monthThe MBA has confirmed it is reviewing the projectThe project will be built on the site of the former home of former prime minister Kevin RuddThe Melbourne Building Act, which requires all home renovation projects to be funded by the taxpayer, was passed in 2008 and gives the MHA the power to decide where and when projects should be completed.

But it was never enforced.

When the project was first submitted for approval, the Maitland City Council, the CBD Association of Neighbourhood Municipalities and the MSA’s own planning committee had all expressed their concerns.

The Maitlands Mayor, Ian Lonsdale, said at the time the building authority was a ”huge disappointment”.

“We were concerned about the lack of transparency in terms of what was being done with the project,” he said.

“We have been in contact with the MPA, we have been involved in discussions with the Planning Commission and we are waiting to see if they have made any changes.”‘

It was a little bit disappointing’The MGA’s decision not to release the final budget was announced in March.

But Mr Lonsfield said he was surprised to hear it was a final decision.

“I’ve been working with the city for a number of years now and this was a bit disappointing because we had so many people involved in the project, and it was clearly a massive project, the magnitude of it, the quality of the work,” he told ABC News Breakfast.’

It’s going to cost us more’Mr Lonsden said it was clear the project had been ”extremely expensive”.

“It was $3 billion, which is about a third of the cost of building a house in the entire city,” he explained.

“And it was also costing the MGA $1.5 million a day.”

It’s not a question of ‘what can I do to make it cheaper, what can I cut out?”’

Mr Daley said the MDA’s decision had left him ”disappointed”.

“If I had any doubts about the project in terms to whether or not it was going to go ahead I don’t think I would have been interested in it,” he added.’

I don’t understand why’Mr Travaglini said he believed the MMA’s decision to not release the budget had been a ”mistake”.

“I don.t know why they are so reluctant to release a final project cost,” he wrote on his blog.

“They were told that the final project would be announced in August, and now they haven’t.”‘

We’ve got no idea’Mr Hulme said the cost was ”really high” but it was important to keep a close eye on the MLA’s budgeting process.

“There’s a very big project that’s coming up in the east, and I think it’s important that the MVA is in control of it and it’s really important that we understand where they’re going to put the money,” he argued.’

Not a good outcome’The Victorian Building Authority said it had reviewed the project and would look into the reasons behind the MFA’s decision.

The project has a $5 million budget for the first phase and $3m for the second phase.

The Victorian MHA is in charge of the second stage of the Melbourne Road project and it will now review the project with a view to recommending a revised final budget.