Blair home renovation jobs: Job vacancies for new home renovation specialist

The Jerusalem Press Agency reports that job vacancies for home renovation specialists are expanding in the West Bank.

The Jerusalem Post reported that the number of job postings has risen by two-thirds in the last year, while the number for home maintenance contractors has also grown.

According to the report, home renovations specialists have been hired in about a third of the West Banks, and in most of the occupied territories.

However, there are concerns that the increase in the number may hinder the development of construction projects.

The agency quoted a former interior minister, Haim Zvi Turgeman, who said that the construction of new homes is not possible without home renovations.

The occupation of the Palestinian territories began in 1967 when Israel captured the West bank, east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army then annexed East Jerusalem in the 1980s, with Israel declaring it as its capital.