Elmhurst home renovation is a hit

By Elizabeth FiegerThe Elmbridge home renovation in Elmstead, New York, was one of the first projects that came online during the housing crisis, according to a project manager for the homebuilder.

“We did a number of things during the recession that we think we can go back to doing again,” said John Ritter, the project manager.

“The main thing was to create an experience that was fun and that was welcoming,” Ritter added.

In January of 2018, the Elmbridges were told by the owner that the home needed a major renovation.

The home’s renovation, which included remodeling, exterior painting and a complete new roof, was completed in April 2018.

Ritter said the Elms have been enjoying renovations and renovations that are in-keeping with the community.

“Our community is really looking forward to this,” Rutter said.

Ritters work is not restricted to Elms.

Ritterettes work in other cities in New York City, including New Jersey, as well as California.